January 2002 News

Anti-US rally in Pak

27 January 2002
Times of India

PESHAWAR: Calling President Pervez Musharraf a traitor for siding with the US in its war against terrorism, an alliance of hardline Islamic groups Sunday vowed to resist what they called the growing US influence in the country. About 5,000 supporters of the Afghan Defence Council —an alliance of 35 Islamic groups and militant organisations — waived the white flags of Afghanistan’s former Taliban rulers and shouted anti-government and US slogans in this northern border city.“Friends of Americans are traitors” and “jehad against America will continue,” they shouted as dozens of policemen in riot gear watched. In a speech to his supporters, Sami-ul Haq, head of the alliance, said Pakistan “has been made an American colony” by Musharraf. He accused Musharraf of tarnishing Pakistan’s Islamic identity and vowed that Islamists would resist his secular policies.


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