January 2002 News

ISI sending spies into Rajasthan

23 January 2002
The Pioneer
Narayan Bareth

Jaipur: The Indian Army's build-up has encouraged Pakistan to increase its espionage net across borders in Rajasthan. The security agencies and Rajasthan police have unearthed a plot of Pakistan-backed spies who are trying to penetrate the country. In last two months, half a dozen such elements were nabbed along the border area. The recent case being the haul of an armed dump, including 25 kg RDX recovered from Jaisalmer-Barmer districts. The ISI also used name of Janes Defence Weekly in hiring ex-Armymen. The police have arrested a Lashkar-A-Tayyeba militant Ikram on Tuesday in Bikaner who was injured in November last while crossing the border as BSF personnel had fired on him. The injured militant was admitted to Bikaner hospital and has been under treatment. After he recovered, the Police arrested him for interrogation. Sources said, Ikarm and his associate Ramzan entered India after cutting the border fence. Pakistan's ISI is still engaged in cross-border terrorism and espionage activities and it has intensified with India's recent troops movement. The Barmer police have recovered an arms and explosive cache which was meant to be used on Republic Day. But the police have seized it before the militants could use it. The police have arrested five persons in this regard and investigation is going on. The seizer of explosives proved that termination of STD-ISD services in border area helped in police as Pakistan backed elements could not get directives from ISI to dispose off the cache. It is said that arrested persons in this connection Zakia and Acharya had made one phone call abroad from Barmer. The police is investigating as to how it was made possible when overseas calls were banned in the border area. The cache was supposed to be handed over to some one on the directions of ISI. The explosives had been recovered from field of one Magaram Meghwal nerar border in Jaisalmer district. The police found 8 kg Rdx, 17 kg plastic explosives, AK 47 rifle, pistol magazine, timer switch, detonator and wireless equipment. The arrested persons are the residents of Bhabooto Ke Dhani, a village near the border. In Bikaner, the police arrested two brothers, Kamaluddin and Hassan and one Harjinder Singh, on charges of spying for Pakistan's ISI. The arrested persons were passing on secret documents, maps and information about vital defence installations. One of them was Harjinder Singh who was running a hotel or dhaba on Bikaner road and Kamaluddin from Jaisalmer was working as servant on his hotel. Kamaluddin, who reportedly had earlier been spying for the ISI, managed to get job in Harjinder's hotel. Harjinder has contacts in the Army and used it to gather information to pass on to Kamaluddin. Only last week, one Tek Bahadur was caught in Suratgarh while sending information to Pakistan. Hailing from Nepal, Bahadur served in Indian Army and had opted for retirement. He was lured by ISI in Nepal on pretext of employing him for Janes Defence Weekly. He revealed some startling information about ISI's operation through Kathmandu. During interrogation, Bahadur revealed that he was attracted by an advertisement published in local Nepali papers looking personnel for the weekly. The ad had said that preference would be given to ex-servicemen. Bhadur became easy prey for the ISI net through the advertisement. The arrests of these spies could be proved important as Army's ammunition depots experienced massive fires at Suratgarh and Bikaner.


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