January 2002 News

India develops radar to curb intrusions

12 January 2002
The Pioneer

Jodhpur : India has developed an indigenous Battle Field Surveillance Radar (BFSR) system that will help check infiltration along the line of control, defence sources said here on Saturday. The BFSR developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Bangalore, is ready for trials to be cleared by the month end, sources said. The BFSR is a portable battery powered short range radar that weighs 30 kgs but can be stripped of non-essentials to decrease its weight to 15 kgs, allowing a soldier to porter it in difficult terrains like the hilly areas of J&K and deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The system can spot a crawling intruder from 500 metres range, a walking man from two km range and a group of people from five km range. A string of these radars deployed along the LoC and international border with Pakistan will ensure reduction of infiltration from across the border. The system can detect light vehicles from 5 km range and heavy vehicles from 8 km range, giving early warning against troops movement across the border. A prototype of the BFSR is being evaluated. India had to import these radars from France and Israel after the Kargil war.


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