January 2002 News

JKLF chairman Amanullah Khan offers to surrender

10 January 2002
The Hindustan Times

Islamabad: Amanullah Khan, chairman of the Jammu Kashmi Liberation Front (JKLF), today offered to give himself up if an international court issued a verdict against him. He said the Indian government had declared him a ''terrorist'' and persuaded Interpol to issue a warrant of arrest against him. Following reports that his name was on the list of 20 men New Delhi wanted extradited from Pakistan, Khan called on India to approach the International Court of Justice where he said he would challenge the allegations of terrorism and India''s stand on Kashmir. ''If the World Court gave the verdict that I am a terrorist or my demand for a independent Kashmir is not justified, I would hand myself over to Indians,'' he told reporters. He said he was arrested in Britain in 1985 and after remaining in detention for 15 months, a British court acquitted him of all charges. Interpol issued his arrest warrant again in 1990 and India also had his US visa cancelled, he said. In 1993 he was arrested by Interpol in Brussels while he was participating in a conference on Kashmir convened by the European parliament. India demanded his extradition but a Belgian court rejected India''s demand and sent him back to Pakistan. Khan''s Kashmir-based JKLF is demanding a united and independent Kashmir.


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