December 2001 News

Lashkar deletes Pak address from website

22 December 2001
The Times of India

NEW DELHI: The Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, which has been charged with the December 13 attack on Parliament and whose assets have been frozen by Washington and Islamabad, has ''changed its address''. Its official website, which till recently, gave its address as 5 Chamberlane road, Lahore, now no longer mentions it. Instead, the contact leads one to the e-mail address of the Markaz-e-Dawa, the political wing of the terrorist outfit which last week changed its name to Pasban-e-Ahle- Hadith.According to retired itelligence officer B Raman, Lashkar in their propaganda literature and official websites, projected themselves as Pakistan-based organisations.''They also gave their addresses and telephone-fax numbers in Pakistan and particulars of Pakistani banks in which their accounts are held and to which their supporters should send their contributions,'' Raman has written in a new book, ''A Terrorist state as a Frontline Ally.''Interestingly, even as US President George Bush has described Lashkar as a Kashmir-based organisation, the Herald, a prestigious monthly journal of the Dawn group, described it as ''Pakistan''s largest so-called jehadi organisation.''


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