June 2001 News

Liberation of Kashmir only thru crusade

29 June 2001
The Dawn
Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE: Almuhajiroun, an international Islamic organization, has rejected peace talks with India on Kashmir, saying the occupied land can be liberated only through jihad. Speaking at a news conference at the Lahore Press Club on Friday, the organization's Pakistan and England representatives said during its bids to make good relations with India, Pakistan was being forced to sever relations with China. Another attempt was to create a Pakistan-India-US bloc against China. They said the people had seen betrayal of the Muslims in Kashmir for the last 53 years. Their land had been used for obtaining funds from the west, to normalize relations in the region and to divert the Islamic feelings of the Ummat. Criticizing the past rulers of Pakistan, they said the elites had always used democracy for dictatorship for their cause when it suited them. They termed the ISI and Pakistan's constitution un-Islamic.


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