June 2001 News

Pak-India summit harmful to Kashmir cause: LeT chief

29 June 2001
The News International

LAHORE: Lashkar-e-Taiba Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has termed Pak-India summit detrimental to Kashmir cause "because it is being held at a time when Jehad is at its peak and India has lost its foothold". Delivering a lecture on Jehad at a function of Rotary Club Friday, Saeed said negotiations are always done from a stronger position and to demand war damages or other claims from the enemy. He said the talks are being arranged to bolster the falling Indian position in the valley, adding "if the status quo is left for another two years India will flee from Kashmir like Soviet Union abandoned Afghanistan".Saeed warned that since Kashmir Jehad is on the verge of success, the anti-Muslim powers have increased conspiracies against it to deprive Kashmiris from the fruits of their life-long sacrifices. He also warned that entire nation would resist if Gen Musharraf committed anything against the Kashmiris interests. Saeed reminded that all the capitalist powers have collaborated against Muslims, and made them economically and militarily weak.This persecution is being done for just one crime - for obeying divine law and rejecting the man-made laws and systems, he said, adding now mujahideen have risen against their enemies and this situation has baffled the capitalist powers. He said those who call UN resolutions as outdated should also admit that same is the case with Simla Accord.He also expressed sorrow that some leaders are urging both mujahideen and Indian army to hold fire. He termed it injustice because it is Indian army which is aggressor and mujahideen are only defending their people and trying to drive the army out. A Rotarian Tariq Naeem presented his new car to Lashkar-e-Taiba as a donation to Jehad.


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