January 2001 News

Civilian killings go up during ceasefire

27 January 2001
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

Jammu : Pakistan sponsored militants have gunned down 176 civilians and injured 421 in Jammu and Kashmir during unilateral cessation of combat operations announced by the Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee from the holy month of Ramzan as a bold peace initiative in militancy for State. During 58 days of the cease-fire from November 28 to January 24, civilian killings have risen by 66 percent and civilian injuries by 207 per cent. In the 58 days preceding the cease-fire, 106 civilians were killed and 137 injured in the State. These figures reveal that militants, taking undue benefit of the suspension of combat operations against them by the security forces. Instead of responding to the Prime Minister's peace initiative and respecting people's yearning for peace, the Pakistan based mercenaries dominated outfits have in fact stated targeting innocents. As compared to civilian killings militants casualties have gone down in view of suspension of combat operations. Against 292 militants killed from October 11, to November 27, 2000, only 118 militants were killed during 58 days of cease-fire, registering a sharp decline of 150 per cent . These causalities were mostly in the retaliatory actions by the security forces. Similarly, only 25 militants were nabbed during the cease-fire against 154 earlier corresponding period. Forty two militants had surrendered in 58 days prior to cease-fire and this figure declined to only 10 during the cease-fire. The killing of security forces and incidents of militant violence have come down marginally during the cease-fire. Against 73 killing of security personnel from October 11 to November 27, last year, 57 security personnel lost their lives during the cease-fire. But injuries to them have risen from 123 to 192 during this period. The total incidents have come down from 621 to 564, a decline of 57 incidents in 58 days, that comes to one incident less a day during the cease-fire. But incidents of grenade attacks and blasts have increased. As many as 126 such incidents including 72 grenade attacks, took place during the cease-fire while the number of such incidents were 104 including 49 grenade attacks.


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