January 2001 News

Ceasefire extension conveys message of restraint: Daily

24 January 2001
The Asian Age

Islamabad: A pakistani newspaper termed as 'admirable' India's decision to extend ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir by another month and said the decision conveyed a message of restraint. Editorially commenting on India's decision 'Pakistan times', said 'whatever may be the reason behind the decision to extend the ceasefire, whether it is the realisation that India has lost much in terms of money, material and forces morale, the very decision of ceasefire's extension is admirable since it does convey a message of restraint, albeit temporarily'. However, it said the ceasefire extension was dwarfed by the testfiring of agni-11 missile. 'While India is overtly and covertly pursuing a highly ambitious nuclear programme that certainly means to convey to the adjoining states her superiority complex feelings, it is attempting to move on the line of control (LoC) that are likely to project India as a serious proponent of peace,' the daily added. The daily said that although Islamabad is criticised by new Delhi for its failure to rein in militants 'there is no denying fact that the element of freedom struggle imbued with islamic spirit is not something totally in the control of Pakistan government. 'Nor the government can take a punitive course least it open up a pandora box of militancy endangering the security atmosphere of the entire region that includes pakistan.'


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