January 2001 News

Pakistan interested in breaking stalemate over Kashmir

24 January 2001
The Asian Age

Islamabad: Pakistan's foreign minister Abdul Sattar dismissed as 'nothing new' India's latest extension of the ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir but said Islamabad was 'interested in breaking the stalemate' over the Kashmir issue. 'We believe in forward looking impulse,' Mr Sattar told the state-run television. 'Their (India's) policies have remained static.' He said India had not responded positively to Islamabad's proposals of December 2 for tripartite talks between India, Pakistan and the Kashmiri leadership on resolving the 53-year-old dispute. New delhi has not issued travel documents to the leaders of the all party hurriyet conference (APHC), to visit Pakistan, he said. 'We have been hopeful but delays taken are causing anxiety. We will continue our search for a peaceful settlement. But prospects will remain frozen if India continues this policy,' Sattar said.


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