January 2001 News

‘900 British Muslims being trained in Pak every year’

21 January 2001
The Hindustan Times

London: THE LID has been ripped off Pakistan's role and its support to Islamic and Kashmiri groups here in raising funds and recruiting young Muslims for terrorism in Kashmir. It is revealed that at least 900 young British Muslims leave the country every year for training in Pakistan to fight the 'holy war' in Kashmir. Over £ 7 million have also been raised to fund terrorism there. Most of the brainwashing and subsequent recruitment and collection of funds is done in mosques, bookshops selling Islamic literature and community gatherings. The campuses are no longer the recruitment centres as most Islamic groups have been banned from entering colleges and universities. Three young Muslim graduates, two with highly paid jobs and belonging to middle class families here, told The Sunday Times that they got trained in Pakistan for jehad and 'fought' in Kashmir. Abu Yahya said, 'I have just returned from Pakistan. I joined Islamic camps and met Islamic leaders. There I was trained with Islam jihad movements like Lashkar-e Tayyba, Harkat-ul- Jehad Islami and Harkat-ul-Ansar. 'We were trained to use kalashnikovs, make bombs, everything that an army would need to wage war'. Another 25-year-old Izzadeen Abdullah, formerly a white Christian with a degree in optical engineering who converted to Islam has also spoken. He too, like Yahya, returned from Pakistan recently said, 'I crossed the border in Kashmir. I think for any Muslim the most eagerly awaited opportunity is to kill the enemy. 'The Indian soldiers don't deserve any mercy and I'm happy to say that I took a part in wiping them out'. He further said, 'We are planning to go there next month. I'm an engineer in fibre optics, so I just contract out for a couple of months.' The extent of brainwashing of the young by Islamic fundamentalist groups here is apparent from the admissions of these. What is even more amazing is their bravado in speaking out like this to the paper. They and their mentors know that the New Terrorism Act would be effective from February 19, that is in less than a month. They all could be jailed for violating it.


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