July 1998

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The Pakistani Army Plan


The Pakistani Army is Determined to Turn Kashmir into a Nuclear Battlefield


Md. Sadiq

Mian Nawaz Sharif will not be in power for very long in Pakistan. The son of General Ayub Khan is waiting in the wings to take power and wreak vengeance against India. General Ayub Khan was the typical Punjabi Pakistani, who believed in the inferiority of other Muslim races of Pakistan. He wanted Punjab do dominate over the others and also felt that Kashmir was the jagir of the Punjabi mussalman. These were the people who instigated the tribesmen to invade Kashmir in 1947 and then pushed in the Pakistani army into the battle for Kashmir. These men could not get Kashmir and neither could they keep their country together. General Ayub Khan invaded Kashmir in 1965 but was badly rebuffed by the Indian armed forces. His soldiers had to beat a hasty retreat. Very soon, the Bengalis became Ayub Khan's next target. By 1971, East Pakistan was an independent country.

At every move, the Punjabi feudals and military rulers felt thwarted by India. They felt that they could have done anything they wished had it not been for the Indians. Thus they hate India more than anybody else in the Muslim world. General Ayub Khan was a disaster and his son, Gohar Ayub Khan, who is the current foreign minister of Pakistan, is determined to take revenge against India. We are now told by the US newspapers that Pakistan was planning a nuclear attack on India as early as in April 1998. This has been leaked by a leading Pakistani nuclear scientist who fled to America. This scientist knew that if Pakistan had used the atom bomb against India a lot of innocent people including Muslims would have been killed. But people like Gohar Ayub Khan do not even care for Muslims. They only care for the Punjabi feudal. Their natural allies are the Pakistani amry and the ISI. That is why Nawaz Sharif, who is a moderate, will never survive. He is distrusted by the Army and the ISI. They will bring him down and put Gohar Ayub as prime minister.

This will start the process of war mongering by Pakistan. We can already see the first signs of this. Gohar Ayub has openly told the newspapers that he will "bring India to its knees". Is this the way a foreign minister of a country talks? Or this is a local muscleman talking? At any rate, the problem is that Gohar Ayub will use the atom bomb first in Kashmir. Thus, the people of Kashmir will be cleared out leaving the land for the Pakistani Punjabi. I am afraid even their supposed good friends in the Hurriyat will not survive.

Pakistan does not want peace. Not in Kashmir at least. But we must raise our voices so that what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki does not happen in Srinagar. We must talk peace, and tell the world about what is about to happen. And let not the hatred continue. For, to deserve peace, we too must be men of peace.

May Peace be with You.

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