Demolition of Kargil Masjid by Pakistan firing

The Kargil Masjid was demolished recently by Pakistani firing but there was no response to this from the public in Pakistan.

3rd October 1997
Urdu Daily Inquilab

MUMBAI: In its editorial while expressing concern over the Pak army firing in Kargil resulting to the death of about sixteen Indians and demolition of a mosque, exclaimed as to why the people of Pakistan here not resorting to protest on the development as they had done over the Babari Masjid.

It said that Kargil Masjid has also in India as was Babari Masjid. It further added that any masjid wherever it is located is the place of Allah and its desecration is a great sin and an offence.

Raza Academy Mumbai, a socio religious organisation of Bareilvi Muslims in a press release (Mumbai oct, 3) expressing concern over the death of several Indians and the demolition of a mosque at Kargil by Pak firing demanded an apology from Pakistan govt, before the Allah and Muslims and also demanded the reconstruction of the said mosque by the Govt. of Pakistan.

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