ISI Assures Continued Support to Kashmir Extremist Groups at Lahore Conference

22nd October 1997
The Tribune

Amritsar: The three day international conference of the Jamaat-e-Tulba, a Pakistan-based Islamic fundamentalist organization which ended at Lahore on Sunday has decided to intensify its terrorist strikes against anti Islamic forces including India.

Intelligence reports received here from across the border claim that in view of India's diplomatic pressures on the USA to declare Pakistan a terrorist state, it was decided at the conference that training camps for Kashmir and Punjab terrorists should be shifted to Afghanistan or close to the Pakistan-Afghan border.

Intelligence sources said that this conference was arranged by the ISI agency and was attended by Pakistan's military commanders and members of various Islamic terrorist and fundamentalist groups. Leaders of various Kashmir Militant outfits were also present at the meeting.

The sources said it was decided at the conference that young boys in the age group of 13 and 14 should be first taught the principles of Islam and when they grow up and reach age 18, they should trained and recruited in terrorist organizations. Such youth should picked up from within Pakistan, Afghanistan and India and after arms training they would be sent to India., the sources said.

The ISI representatives at the conference,, the sources said categorically stated that whatever might be the stand of the Pakistani Government vis--vis India, there would be no scaling down of terrorist activity in India, particularly the Kashmir valley. Besides supplying arms and providing training to Kashmir militants, the ISI has also decided to supply medicines, food grain, blankets and clothing to them.

ISI representatives told the conference that besides raising money through heroin smuggling for the terrorists, funds would also be collected from the public. The sources said the ISI role in supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan was appreciated at the conference.

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