Harkat Not Terrorist, Claims Hurriyat

Hurriyat Conference, which says it is for Kashmir is openly supporting a terrorist organisation, and that too one propped up by Pakistani ISI and Saudi Wahabis. Harkat people killed foreign hostages abducted in 1995 and still supposed missing. Harkat has killed Kashmiris and destroyed the shrine of Sheikh Nooruddin. But Hurriyat thinks otherwise.

17th October 1997

All Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC) leaders S.A.Gilani, Abdul Gani Lone, Yasin Malik and Abbas Ansari held a meeting with senior officials of the United States embassy in New Delhi. APHC leaders besides apprising the US officials about the continuing situation in the Valley, clarified that the Harkat ul Ansar is not a terrorist organisation but is a group fighting for the genuine liberation of Kashmir. They claimed that hence there was no legality in imposing the ban on the Harkat ul Ansar. A protest note has been filed by the Hurriyat with the US authorities in this connection. The note expresses the hope that the US government would take their views into consideration and review its decision to ban the Harkat.

US officials in New Delhi assured the Hurriyat delegation that they would bring their views to the consideration of higher authorities in Washington DC. They also said that this issue would be discussed during the ensuing meetings between APHC and American leaders. As for rumours in the Indian media that the JKLF had also been banned or that it was on the US terrorism watchlist, the US officials told the Hurriyat leaders that the US government had neither issues any statement to that effect and nor had it imposed any ban on the JKLF. The Hurriyat statement also said that their representatives had met US State Department officials in USA in connection with the banning of Harkat ul Ansar.

Kukka Parrey Hails Ban: Meanwhile, Awami League chairman and MLA, Kukka Parrey has hailed the US decision to declare Harkat ul Ansar and LTTE as unlawful organisations. Kukka Parrey maintaintained it was time that all organisations working against humanity and indulging in terrorism should be declared terrorist and banned. He also demanded that Indian Prime Minister I.K.Gujral should withdraw government security provided to Hurriyat leaders and declare the APHC as an unlawful organisation.

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