OIC Members Divided on Kashmir

4th November 1997

OIC and Islamic organization which is in session these days at Iran, discussed the Kashmir issue separately, has however been for the time being, acting very cautiously. Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim country who submitted a solid resolution on the Kashmir issue by emphasizing that they should take the Kashmir issue as seriously as Palestine.

Many Muslim countries are not quite serious about the Kashmir issue. However, the fact is that all Muslim countries have been non serious about it, otherwise this dispute would have been settled long back. Some Muslim countries do not even know what in reality is the Kashmir issue and how Kashmiris are facing repression. The fact, however, is that whenever any session of OIC is held, Kashmir issue is discussed without any fruitful result. This has also been confessed by the present secretary general of the OIC. That Muslim countries are not very serious about the issue, he said that memorandums were sent to concerned members inviting their attention for a special debate on the issue.

Some Muslim countries are indifferent towards the issue because of their close co-operation and friendship with India. However, solidarity is expressed with the Kashmiris whenever the OIC session commences. But when it comes to practical, they show disinclination towards it. The members of OIC, while supporting the Kashmir cause, retreat when any session on the issue is held under the auspices of the UN at Geneva. Muslim countries even do not discuss the Kashmir issue during the session of the Security Council.

There are so many Muslim countries in the world, and if they unanimously take any decision on the issue, then its solution is imminent. However, if the countries aligned with OIC also try to solve the issue at the diplomatic plane, the results would be positive. In fact, every country these days, instead of helping oppressed, take care of its own interests. OIC, in its every session, expressed the impression that some concrete steps would be taken in future, in finding an amicable solution to the Kashmir issue. The solution to some hard issues is possible only when all the Muslim member countries of the OIC unite and express solidarity among themselves.

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