Pakistan Sceptical about termination of UN Mission in J&K

18th July 1997

Islamabad: Pakistan has described as "speculative" press reports on the possibility of terminating the UN military observers group (UNMOGIP) functioning in Jammu and Kashmir.

A foreign office spokesman said that the US shared Islamabad's views that the UNMOGIP continued to play a useful role in the preservation of peace. The spokesman was commenting on press reports on the US Senate Authorisation Bill on UN reforms, funds shortage, contribution arrears and their implications for certain peace-keeping operations, including UNMOGIP.

The spokesman said, "The government had taken cognizance of the moves in the US Senate which had initially called for termination of the UN Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO) in the Middle East and UNMOGIP as one of the preconditions." He said Islamabad had told the US administration and the Congress that UNMOGIP played a critical role in the preservation of peace along the line of control in Jammu and Kashmir.

The spokesman said even the general accounting office of the US Congress which had earlier expressed some reservations has now clearly stated that any withdrawal or modification of UNMOGIP would harm the relations between Pakistan and India and that the operation has served well to mitigate the tension between the two countries.

The government of Pakistan is in constant touch with the US administration, Congress and the UN secretary General on the UNMOGIP and other related matters, the spokesman added

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