OIC ignoring Indian Muslims, says Farooq

10th December 1997

The Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister, Dr.Farooq Abdullah, Today criticised the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) for its attempt to rake up the well settled Kashmir issue and said it has always ignored the interests of Indian Muslims.

Speaking at a function after inaugurating the Shekari Bhavan near rail head here today the Chief Minister said, nothing can alter the reality and Jammu and Kashmir shall contonue to remain an integral part of India; no matter what the OIC declares under Pakistan’s influence.

He regretted that through the OIC claims to represent the Muslims of the world and work for them yet it never came to the rescue of Indian Muslims who rank second in the Muslim world in terms of population and are larger than that of Pakistan.

They never helped the Muslims when in distress during the natural calamaties. He recalled his meetings with the Iranian President and her Ambassador and said he had told them a number of times that Kashmir was a settled issue and nothing can reopen it now.We are not going to give even an inch of our territory, he added.

Dr. Abdullah said Pakistan still continues infiltration to create problems for us and urged the people to reman vigilant from their nefarious designs. "Let good sense prevail upon that country and they stop all this ." he said.

He said we were proud of being Indian Muslims and if we have to build the secular India as visualised by Mahatama Gandhi, Pandit Jawarlal Nehru and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and everyone of us must rise above the myopic communal considerations.

He said, Allah ans lord Rama belonged to us all in the universe and can’t be restricted to a particular sector region. Their teachings are for the entire humanity," he added.

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