JKLF accuses Hurriyat of Plagiarism

17th August 1997

An article titled "The Best Golden Jubilee Gift" written by Amanullah Khan, Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) was published in Pakistan papers, was sent by E-mail and also appeared on the Internet in the Ist. and second weeks of August 1997. Mr Amanullah Khan also wrote a common letter to Mr I. K. Gujral, the Prime Minister of India and M. Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan based on the subject matter of the above mentioned article i.e. proposing to re-unite the Jammu Kashmir State and make it a fully independent country. The article and the letter termed this solution of Kashmir as the Best Golden Jubilee Gift from Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan to their respective countries and to each other.

The article has now been E-mailed by "All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC" from both its Chairman Umar Farooq and Auditor Shakil Bakhshi claiming that the article has been written by some Shams Kashmiri, a Kashmiri expatriate now living in England whereas the article is in fact written by Mr Amanullah Khan, Chairman JKLF who lives in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

This is a very serious and most condemnable crime and moral bankruptcy on the part of APHC which claims to be so called representative forum of Kashmiris and also on the part of the so-called Shams Kashmiri.

( Dr. Haider Hijazi ) Secretary General, JKLF.

 The original article in question follows....


The Best Golden Jubilee Gift.

Inder Kumar Gujral Esq.                         Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Esq.

Prime Minister of India         And             Prime Minister of Pakistan

New Delhi, India                                Islamabad, Pakistan.
Respected Prime Ministers,
Aadaab-Arz and Assalam-o-Alaikum,
India and Pakistan are busy celebrating the Golden Jubilee of their freedom from alien rule. No doubt the people, specially the ruling sections and the political and financial elite of both the countries, are enjoying some fruits of freedom but every reasonable and realistic person will agree that the dispute over Kashmir between them has kept both of them deprived of the real peace, prosperity and national dignity that are the actual fruits of freedom and that both of them deserved as two important and weighty members of the comity of free nations. As such, if the two have to enjoy real peace, prosperity and dignity, they will have to solve the issue that has caused several most destructive wars between them, that is sucking the blood of the economies of both of them to meet the requirements of their defence against each other and which has also been defacing the images of both of them on international level and the process continues unabated. To add to it, this state of affairs has subjected Kashmiris to worst kind of suppression and victimisation which continues since 1948.
In the light of these undeniable facts, it is imperative, in the best interests of India and Pakistan and of Kashmir as well, that a peaceful, practicable, equitable and permanent solution of Kashmir issue is evolved and implemented without further loss of time.

Keeping in view a number of historical facts and bitter and sweet ground-realities and tendencies, one reaches the clear conclusion that the best practicable solution of Kashmir issue is to re-unite Indian and Pakistani controlled parts of Jammu Kashmir State ( the Vale of Kashmir, Jammu, Ladakh, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan) and make it a fully independent country having friendly relations with both India and Pakistan.

Let us have a glance on the justification, advantages and expected net results of this solution of the issue.

JUSTIFICATIONS: There are a number of justifications for reunification and complete independence of Jammu Kashmir State. They are:

(1) Kashmir has been an independent country for about three-fourths of its history although its geographical borders have been expanding and shrinking.

(2) According to a gallop poll conducted by a famous Indian national weekly, Outlook, in 1995, 72 percent of the people interviewed in Kashmir Valley stand for complete independence.

Although the percentage of pro-independence people in the entire State may not be that high, a very big number of Kashmiris living in other parts of the State are also pro-independence.

(3) The founding-fathers of both India and Pakistan stand committed to complete independence of Kashmir. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru of India declared on August 9, 1951 and Indian representative Mr Gopala Swami Ayengar declared from the rostrum of UN Security Council on Jan. 15, 1948 that India fully recognised Kashmiris right to complete independence whereas the father of Pakistani nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnahs policy statements of June 17, July 11, and 30 of 1947 fully recognised Kashmiris right to independence.

(4) Once it is re-united and independent, Kashmir has the potential of becoming the most prosperous and advanced country in the entire region within a short period of time.

(5) Kashmiris are a politically conscious people with overall literacy rate far higher than that of India and Pakistan.

(6) The population of the State is more than the individual populations of as many as 127 UN member nations and its area larger than that of 97 of them.

ADVANTAGES OF THE SOLUTION: Let us now have a glance on the practical advantages of this solution. They are, that this solution can be implemented

(1) without hurting the national egos of India and Pakistan (as neither of them will have to hand over Kashmir territory now under her control to the other),

(2) without harming India's secularism or Pakistan's Two Nation Theory,

(3) without causing communal riots,

(4) without causing mass migrations,

(5) without incurring heavy expenses on implementation of the solution and

(6) without causing serious administrative problems. What is all the more important, this solution will demolish the wall of animosity standing between India and Pakistan which has been eating into the very vitals of both of them and will build a bridge of friendship between the two.

OVERALL GAINS : This peaceful, practicable, equitable and permanent solution of Kashmir issue will not only herald the dawn of a new peaceful, prosperous and glorious era for both India and Pakistan and benefit rest of the world indirectly but will also rid 13 million Kashmiris of the continuous agony that they have been in for the last half a century. All that India and Pakistan will have to do to achieve this all-important objective is to part with the territories of Jammu Kashmir now under their respective control. This price is not even one-thousandth part of what India and Pakistan will get in return in the shape of permanent peace, prosperity and glory.

With such sound facts in its favour, isn't independence of Jammu Kashmir State the best and the most justified solution of the issue? Yes, it definitely is.

Respected Prime Ministers! We call upon you to take immediate steps conducive to solving Kashmir issue this way. As a matter of fact, you two could not offer a more valuable Golden Jubilee Present to your respective nations, to each other and to the world at large.

Hoping that this will not fail to attract your immediate and favourable attention,

We are,
Yours sincerely,
For Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF)

( Amanullah Khan )

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