Jammu-Kashmir.Com aims to provide objective information about the union territories of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) and Ladakh. The site has basic information on these two entities as well as a large archive of news items and opinion pieces. The aim is to help mediapersons, researchers and academics find basic data for their writings and research.

Since 1 August 2021, this website is being run by DHB Services Maven, New Delhi, India, which has taken over the repository of over 25,000 documents at this webiste and is responsible for the site's updation and maintenance.

Ideological Position

We do not believe in the "Kashmir Problem" as such. We believe the problem is about the entire region comprising the union territories of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, as well as those parts under Pakistani and Chinese occupation. This region has a complex history, as do many other parts of the Indian subcontinent. The root of the continuing political turmoil in the Kashmir Valley and the often conflicting aspirations of different parts of the region arises from that history.

We do not accept that any part of Jammu & Kashmir is under Indian occupation because the union territories legally, politically and spiritually became part of India in the early 1950s with special powers and concessions obtained from the powers in New Delhi.

When we talk about Kashmiris, we do not refer only to those people who speak Kashmiri but to all the inhabitants of the union territories including the Kashmiri Pandits, the Mirpuris, Gujjars, Dogras, Gorkhas, Ladakhis, Baltis and so on. The persons who founded this site believed that this region is the property of all its sub-nationalities and not the property of the Kashmiris alone. Only democratic solutions forged in unity by all the people of Jammu & Kashmir will ensure peace and progress in the future.

We believe the democratic struggle in the state of Jammu & Kashmir must continue to ensure religious and political rights. At the same time, we do not believe in the gun culture which has brought misery to the people of this region. We do not believe in the slogans that promised liberation but only brought death and destruction. We do not believe on those leaders who told the Kashmiri youth to pick up the gun to die while they grew rich and the people fell into poverty and misery.

We hope our biases would be excused and the material contained in this site would help illuminate the complex realities of the region. If nothing else we hope to provide an alternative view of socio-political processes in this part of India.