Cop Killed, CRPF Personnel Injured In Pulwama Attack

03 October 2022

A policeman was killed and a CRPF personnel injured in a militant attack in Pulwama district of South Kashmir on Sunday, police said. The attack took place in Pinglana area of the south Kashmir district. Terrorists fired upon a joint Naka party of CRPF & Police at Pinglana, Pulwama.

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What J&K Is Talking About

Ghulam Nabi Azad New Political Factor

The resignation of Congress stalwart Ghulam Nabi Azad from his old party and his forays into Jammu & Kashmir politics has aroused great interest and speculation in the Union Territory. Azad is one of the rare leaders from J&K who is acapable of mustering support in both regions - Jammu as well as Kashmir. The BJP's support is restricted to a portion of the Jammu region, while the PDP is mostly popular in pockets of Kashmir Valley. National Conference had support in both regions but this has diminished over the years. Could Azad be the new X factor in J&K politics? [17 September 2022]

Maharaja Hari Singh: Hero or Villain?

The J&K UT administration headed by Lt Gov. Manoj Sinha has declared Maharaja Hari Singh's birth anniversary as a state holiday. The official statement said the decision was in response to the long pending demand of the common residents of Jammu and Kashmir for honouring the last Maharaja of J&K. However, the Maharaja was and is not universally popular in J&K as in the Kashmir Valley many perceived him as an oppressor while many in the Jammu region support him as a hero. [16 September 2022]

Truth About 1947 Invasion Suppressed

The truth about the 1947 October invasion of Kashmir by Pakistan backed forces has unfortunately been forgotten by most in the Kashmir Valley thanks to the efficacy of Pakistani propaganda. Most Kashmiris in the Valley today either are not aware or choose to ignore the fact that it was Pakistan that precipitated the war in Kashmir by sending in Afghan invaders followed by regular Pakistan Army forces. Kashmiris defended Srinagar against the attackers but in many places Kashmiri women were raped and killed, towns looted by the invaders. Finally, in desperation the Kashmir maharaja acceded to India, an action that was formally accepted by the then Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten. Kashmir was saved by the arrival of Indian army. Since then Pakistani propaganda has tried to distort truth and force its own narrative. [28 October 2021]

Kashmir Accedes to India

People of Kashmir not Pakistan are the real stakeholders in J&K

One of the reasons why Pakistan has stepped up violence and terrorism in J&K is because it wants India to talk to it. After Taliban victory the Pakistan military establishment feels it is in a position to get concessions on Kashmir from New Delhi. But these will remain wishful thinking as Indian Home Minister Amit Shah said that for peace he will talk to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and not to Pakistan.Amit Shah lashed out at former Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah. 'Dr Farooq Sahib has suggested that we should talk to Pakistan. Let me clarify, if we will talk, we will talk to people of Jammu and Kashmir and its youth only, no one else. The so-called mainstream Kashmiri politicians such as Dr Farooq and Mehbooba Mufti have always played a double game to appease Pakistan and play along with the generals in Rawalpindi. [26 October 2021]

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Tourism Rebounds in Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir is the most popular tourist destination in India visited by thousands of Indians and foreigners every year. J&K's chief attractions are its great natural beauty, cuisine and the natural hospitality of its diverse people. Tourism was greatly affected by the continuing unrest as well as the pandemic. However since the beginning of 2022 tourism has once again boomed. It is perfectly safe to visit the state.

Jammu & Kashmir Sprints Past its Pakistan Occupied Part

The union territory of Jammu & Kashmir despite the incessant negative propaganda is winning the economic race. From a hugely backward area with poor connectivity and communications before Independence, the region today shares India's growth story, which has witnessed the country emerging as the world's fifth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP).

Kashmir Problem Stems from Pakistan's Desire to Dominate Narrative

The real cause of the unrest and violence in Kashmir is Pakistan's desire to dominate the narrative on the issue and ultimately fulfil its objectives of annexing the territory. Unfortunately, the events of October 1947 have been distorted by Pakistani propaganda.


Remembering the Assassinated

One of the biggest lies has to do with the assassination of two key Kashmiri figures - Maulvi Mirwaiz Farooq and Abdul Ghani Lone. The pro-Pakistan lobby have projected these killings as the work of Indian agencies and commemorate their death anniversaries by organising anti-India rallies and calls for Kashmir's accession to Pakistan.

Kashmir - Under the Shadow of the Jamaat

The Jamaat remains active all across South Asia and continues to propagate its vicious ideology in the name of Islam which is essentially a religion of peace and brotherhood. The Jamaat has used religion to further its brutal aims and become a powerful political force in various parts of South Asia.

Key Issues in Jammu & Kashmir, and Ladakh

Kashmir Solidarity Day: A Recurring Drama put up by Pakistan Army

It is good to remember the Kashmiri who have died fighting for a cause they believed in. But who will remember the hundreds of Kashmiris who were killed by the goons of Jamaat and other Pakistan Army agents during the armed struggle?.
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Pakistan's Unstoppable Killing Machine

The Pakistan Army must keep its terrorist warriors gainfully employed to prevent its Islamist cauldron from solidifying and becoming dysfunctional. Thus, the killings in Kashmir must continue.
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SAS Geelani and the death of the Pakistan Dream

Among the proponents of the Pakistan agenda was a thin, unsmiling Islamist called Syed Ali Shah Geelani. He had worked his way up the ladder of the Islamist organisation Jamaat e Islami (JeI) Kashmir, working ceaselessly for the accession to Pakistan.
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